In an era where quality of customer service is a competitive advantage, Call Centers have become a means of value added customer contact. Large amount of information can now flow between a corporate and its customers. There has been a surge in Call Center Business with India being a low cost-high quality destination.

    You might also be looking to provide the best services to your valued customers. But how can you leverage this opportunity to move ahead in your market? Start here...

    The following services may be of considerable interest to you:

  • Live, interactive call response - 24 x 7 Hrs. operation
  • Technical Support / Helpdesk services on-line
  • Telemarketing
  • Credit and Billing Problems
  • Relationship and Account Management
  • Lead generation and Sales Support
  • Market Research
  • E-Mail Response
  • Database Development
  • Complaint Handling
  • eCRM

    Some of our other activities range from Customized Software Solutions, Medical Transcription, Pre-Press Publication, Legal Document Management, Insurance Data Management, Medical Billing and Collection, Education & Training and Web Based Help Desk to Call Center, etc.

    All incoming calls are received by the Interactive Voice Response (IVR), on dedicated toll free numbers, and greeted with an appropriate project greeting and then further routed by the Nortel Automatic Call Distribution System.


    Technology is what makes outsourcing possible in today's business environment. Without technology, outsourcing could not exist. At ICC being a subsidiary of Super Technologies Inc, makers of services like Super Phone Unlimited, we have designed and we maintain our call centers state of the art, from facilities to the high tech applications and equipment.



  • A unique modular workspace design on Level 2 which allows dedicated space for our clients.
  • Capacity to accommodate over 450 CSR’s on a multi-shift basis.
  • Infrastructure under development for scaling up to 1000 CSR’s on a multi-shift basis.
  • A dedicated and reliable Power Supply Link supported with a UPS of American Power Conversion and Diesel Generators for a 100% power backup.
  • Online monitoring through closed circuit security cameras.
  • Swipe card access systems with different levels of access for security reasons.
  • Well defined fire exits and advanced fire-protection systems.


  • Super Phone Unlimited - Virtual Phone Line Services
  • Our own in house custom Dialer and CRM Software.
  • Call recording solution based.