ICC is a strategic partner for North American companies looking to outsource their call center
requirements offshore.

Through its established North American presence and a thorough understanding of requirements of
North American businesses coupled with its presence in South Asia, South America, Middle East, Europe & India, ICC emerges in the marketplace with a differentiated offer that provides North American clients a dual advantage. First, by allowing organizations to pass on the operational headaches of managing contact centers to ICC and secondly, by getting a very high quality
contact center service with substantial savings.

ICC’s business model is to act as a “facilitator and project manager” and enhance relationships between the outsourced & Managed call centre in the world and its client. ICC will help to ensure that maximum performance and value is harnessed for its clients.

ICC bridges the cultural gap and the geographical distance between Rest of the world and and
North American corporations, and act as the voice of our clients with our offshore partners, providing valuable,
real time feedback on campaigns.

ICC believes that it can handle the call center projects and processes in a more efficient manner
translating into revenue for ICC and substantial savings for its clients. We believe and we are
successfully following the partnership module where each works in their own area of strength, resulting
in many-fold increase in value addition ie. our partners focus on getting call center processes and we
focus on fulfilling these processes.